Focus Trading as Webomatics Australian primary importer can offer you the best advice and after sales service for all Webomatic products. Webomatic has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years.

The packaging machines of WEBOMATIC, Bochum, Germany, produce modern and hygenienic vacuum packs both for the industrial processing as well as for the end consumer at the POS.

Designed for transport packages is the chamber belt machine WBM 1350-II. It can seal large cheese blocks, for example, weighing up to 40 kg for the further ripening or transport of the cheese. The bi-active sealing with sealing wires of 12 mm width ensures an absolute safe sealing over the complete length of the sealing bars, that is 1350 mm. Feeding machine and discharge machines can be synchronized with the chamber belt machine.

The WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines, too, are employed for the processing industry. Film width of up to 620 mm and repeat lengths of up to 800 mm with the large machine APS ML 7100, as well as the variety of applicable film types, realise the industrial usage.

The thermoforming machines are also designed for creating superior consumers’ packs for the supermarket. A variety of techniques, be it different forming and cutting techniques, embossings or labellings, not only create very individual packages which enable the easy recognition of the dairy product brand in the shelf. WEBOMATIC also emphasizes aids for opening a pack easily, such as pre-slotting the peel corners or equipping them with nipples or dimples. In order to re-close an opened pack safely and thus prolonging the freshness of the product, the top film can be formed to snap into the bottom film mould.